Monday, 1 July 2013

Student life

So... Life in Lymm is getting easier! starting to get into a bit more of a rhythm, i do miss my family and friends from hertford but i just have to keep reminding myself that God has bought me here for a reason!
The little village i live in is B-E-A-UTIFUL!! Not loads here but it does make me just think God you are amazing! Everything is going well with the Instones i'm fitting in nicely into the family life really starting to feel like home now!

Student life... so i am currently in my first year of studying youth mission and ministry at cliff college. Even though it is distant learning so i don't actually spend hardly any time at all at the college i am loving it. i have made some great friends there, i am gutted i don/t get the whole uni experience but hey at least i'm not left with the debt! If you didn't get it by the title f my course it is a Bible college. i couldn't think of anything better than writing an essay and being able to talk about God in it! although i do find myself going into preach mode sometimes so i do have to watch myself... but i'm getting there.

Cliff is definitely challenging me academically i am definitely not an academic person, if it was not for auto correct the spelling mistakes in my blog would be hideous. in fact sometimes i spell things so badly auto correct is even like what you on girl!? I am pretty chuffed that so far my essays have not been to shabby, definitely got something to do with auto correct ;)
God Bless

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