Tuesday, 13 May 2014


This topic is something really close to my heart, people who know me, know that I love people, I love to be around people, laugh with people, serve people, help people, care for people and all other things you can do with people. However there is a group of people that have stolen my heart, these people are 'young people' I have a passion for young people, especially the young people who are;

Lost, hurting, confused, abused, forgotten, unloved, depressed, broken, bullied, outcast, addict, drunk, druggie, abusive, violent and ungrateful. 

Young people are the next generation of people, their the future;

Doctors, carers, police officers, nurses, teachers, lawyers, paramedics, judges, cashiers, shop assistants, scientists, inventors, artists, writers and all the other jobs. 

This is why I love them, I look at young people, even the ones described above, and all I see is potential, I see the people who one day I shall look to for help, so while I can and while I am capable I want to help them, encourage them, support them and be there for them. Jesus is there for everyone, and we are his hands and feet....

I'm going to talk about something that may seem off topic, but actually this 'thing' is consuming our world, its disconnecting us from each other, this 'thing' spreads like poison and is more addictive then heroin, most people don't even realise it. 

What do you do before bed? what is the first thing you do when you wake up, before you have even gotten out of bed? What do you do when you are on the train or on the bus? What do you do when you feel awkward or uncomfortable? What do you do in the doctors surgery while you wait? 

This 'thing', is teaching our children and young people that its okay to sit in doors all day, apposed to being with friends and family, this 'thing' has made us the most connected and most disconnected generation to ever walk the earth.

Have you figured it out yet? This 'thing' I am referring too is our phones, our iPads, our computers. This 'divide of delusion' that we use everyday to stay 'connected'.

The other day I was at a small house party, and in one of the quieter moments between people 'raving' i glanced round to see everyone in the room on their phones. It was crazy there we were a room full of friends and a room full of antisocial friends. I find myself often saying enjoy they people in the room!! not the ones on your phone! I know I not innocent of this, and I hate it! so much!

I came across this video a week or so ago and I've watched it like 15 times! I think its brilliant! So this is why I am blogging about this subject. below is the link to the video


Are there times where you find yourself in a social situation but sit on your phone?

Enjoy the people in the room, not the ones on your phone.

God Bless

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

'Everything Everywhere'

So I don't normally review things other than books really, and I haven't done a book review on my blog yet.... But right now I'm going to share my expierence of a certain company, that has angered me greatly, they false advertise and i am fairly dependent on them everyday!!

This company is the phone network EE! Oh my gosh I can't explain the frustration I have with them. I know everyone has different expierences with their phone companies and some of you may sing EEs praises, I  however do not.

What a lie
The signal has been dreadful to the point that having a phone is redundant, 4G.. What even is it? I've never got it on my phone turns out my area does not even have it!
What frustrates me isn't that signal is crap and my 4G, and most of the time 3G is awful it's that EE means 'everything everywhere' I get nothing anywhere!!!! It infuriates me! And the customer service hasn't been great either I was talking to one of the customer service people and they just left half way through! Not to mention the up in phone contract price! I wouldn't mind but my phone contract is ridiculous! 

So I am strongly advising people don't go with EE, there not that great, right now I dont have full signal and honestly I don't think I ever have. What a disappointment! 

Have you had any bad expierences with phone contracts please share in the comments!!! 

God bless  


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