Saturday, 24 September 2016

A life in cameo....

I am a firm believer in showing appreciation for the people in my life that deserve it. In the past I have blogged about my friends and written open letters to them, in hopes that in some small way they can see the gratitude I have for them. It seems like such a small token of appreciation in comparison to the things I have put them through, and the things they have supported me with.  

So in line with this let me tell you about my soldier friend. 

He has been my friend for six years now, which in the grand scheme of life isn't majorly long, however a lot has happened in the past 6 years. It all started at college, he was one of three guys studying child care, I know right brave lads. poor guys didn't stand a chance. Nevertheless we hit it off and he became my best friend. To be quite honest we were inseparable. I don't think there was one day for that entire year where I didn't see him. I stayed at his, he stayed at mine, he rang me on his walk to and from work. On the outside people would say we looked like a couple. There was a point where I did want him more than a friend, however he made his feelings towards me very clear. He became my rock and I depended on him for pretty much everything. If I was feeling low he would play the guitar for hours over the phone and we would just chat. He was my rock. To be completely honest I leant on him far to much, it was way to much for any 18 year old boy to handle. It all came to a head when I was rushed into hospital following an overdose. My parents went to collect him form his house and I will never forget his face as I was wheeled through. He was angry, disappointed and hurt. We ended up having a fight outside the hospital, it wasn't pretty. From there he didn't talk to me for a while, I guess he just didn't know what to say. He had done everything he could to help me and I guess my overdose was a massive punch in the face, so i guess he felt like he could do no more. It was a rough couple of months of the silent treatment but we got through it. He then joined the army. When he first told me he was joining I was heart broken, I panicked and didn't know quite what to do, but he was excited and set on the idea, and of course with his determination he got in. 

A life in cameo.

I would love to say that once he joined the army we stayed in contact loads but we didn't, and in many ways I'm glad we didn't. We had the odd conversation but nothing major. I would hear about his adventures that the army took him on, and I would fill him in on my adventures. The army took him to Germany where he lived for three years. It wasn't until 2015 that we started talking on a more regular basis. I am so glad we got back in touch. Its nice to have him back in my life, although he has this ability to make me feel oh so very small but then in the next breath feel me with confidence. With one hand he takes away and with the other he gives. We often argue about me singing, you see he thinks I can sing and often tells me that I just need the self confidence to get up and sing behind the mic. I tell him every time that this will be something we shall never agree on. The biggest thing he does of recent is bully me for being 'hipster' which can I just clarify is complete rubbish. He even started a blog where he talks about my 'Hipster life'

A life in cameo most certainly changed him, and in a good way. He has done a lot of growing up and matured in many ways. Even in the way he deals with me, he has a lot more patience. His words are kinder and his knowledge is broader. The army has done him the world of good. His life in cameo is almost over and I am so excited for his next adventure, he has that determination that I saw in him five years ago before he started the army, and I know that what he's going for next he will ace. 

Despite the nagging of singing and the wind up of being hipster he is quite frankly one of the most genuine of guys and I have the pleasure of calling him my friend. My life is a lot better with him in it than without. Who else could I FaceTime for over 7 hours, or talk to on the phone while he drives across the country. He makes me laugh and he always, always gives me sound honest advice. He isn't afraid to tell me what I don't want to hear and I know he has my best interests at heart. He has helped me through some of the darkest times in my life and he is still standing by side telling me when I'm being a complete idiot. I will forever be grateful for his friendship, and I hope he is still around in 6 more years.  

He is the type of guy that gives the beggar on the street the time of day and discovers that he used to be a vet. There is no one else I know that would have even give that guy a chance let alone hear his story. 

Babe's it is always a pleasure. I love you princess. 

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