Saturday, 10 August 2013


I love a good adventure! People that know me well know that if someone mentions an adventure my eyes light up and i get all excited! something about going to new places doing new things having fun and being crazy, the kind of life i love to live.
I haven't always lived this way. for the first 16 years of my life i didn't leave my home town of Hertford without my parents. With my mum being ill i think in my mind i could never leave her, so i never did i never went on any school trips i didn't even like sleep overs! it wasn't till i was in year 11 at school doing my GCSE's that i was separated from my mum for more than a day. Mum was taken into hospital for a serious operation in London so i didn't get to see her very much. I believe the reason i passed my English GCSE is because i wrote about my mum. While mum was is in hospital it did show me that i could look after myself and others. I did all the washing and cleaning and i looked after my dad he's not very domestic plus he worked full time! I also had to look after my best friend she liked to drink and get herself into tricky situations all during this week mum was in hospital, i got beaten up, i saved my best friend from being thrown under a train and not forgetting it was in the middle of my GCSE's sounds horrific but i tell you what it taught me so much!
I knew from then that i could face most things! Mum came out of hospital and was bed bound for 6 weeks so i was mum of the house for a while :)
Its crazy to think that was 4 years ago and how things have changed! I haven't lived at home for 2 years and i have been on one crazy adventure! It started when i became a christian and since then God has taken me on a big adventure all over the WORLD! Although life has not been a smooth ride and there have been a few occasions where i have found things all to overwhelming and tried to quit God has been good and surrounded me with amazing supportive people! Life is never going to be easy but i am so glad i'm not doing it alone. I am on the best adventure of my life with God and i wouldn't change it for the world.

I can do all things through christ
who strengthens me

One of my recent Adventures was to BUTTERFLY WORLD! I love butterfly's not only because they are so beautiful but when i was younger i wrote a story about God as a butterfly in a battle field so every time i see a butterfly i am reminded that God never leaves and gives hope in all circumstances. So butterfly world not only was it somewhere i had not been before it was a great place to take photos! another one of my passions is taking lots of pictures of life! i was in my element surrounded by beauty, nature, camera in hand and some of be best friends around me! It was so much fun!! We took so many photos of exotic butterfly's and got to see one of the biggest ant colonies in in the country.... Random but pretty cool! After butterfly world we went strawberry picking! what a nature filed day! loved it so much fun doing natural things and just enjoying the things God had created! i love a good adventure and i cant wait for the next one!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Consequences, not really a normal blog title but the reason for this, is that this is the word i have probably used the most over the past 6 weeks! Consequences are something we deal with often but its only till now that i have learnt to actually deal with and understand the Consequences of my actions. 
I mentioned in my last blog post about a book called boundaries and i will say it again (now that i have officially finished the book) it is amazing. I have learnt so much from this book it brings healthy challenge to your life, not only does it challenge you on your boundaries with yourself, fiends, family, work and God it gives you lots of practical help on how to develop good healthy boundaries. 
Anyway book review over.... the reason i mention this is along side boundaries this book also mentions Consequences and punishment and it highlights the difference and it really hit home with me.

Life changing book
For so long i would find myself saying Why am i being punished? or God are you punishing me for what i did? After a recent event that took place in my life after a silly rash selfish decision i made to do something that could have been tragic, i have been having to deal with the Consequences of my action. The difference is i don't feel like i am being punished by anyone. on pervious occasions when i have made silly decisions i have always felt the people round me have been punishing me but actually they were still loving and supporting me but there were Consequences to my actions that i had to face and i didn't want to, i guess you could say i was just being immature and 'wanting my cake and eating it' Even though this dealing with Consequences stuff has been horrible God has been teaching me a lot and actually sometimes it takes us dealing with your Consequences to learn our lesson and change our behaviour. Even though i've missed out on some things i've been waiting a long time for i've learnt so much that i needed to learn i just hope i remember. It has not been an easy time but i am so grateful for all the amazing people in my life in the north and the south that love and support me despite my behaviour. I am looking forward to going back to the north even sharing a room! i miss my sister Gaby!  sometimes it takes almost losing everything to see what you have. Normally i would say what a load of rubbish and moan about how should realise what you got before it gets to that but i definitely know for me that i appreciate everything i have a whole lot more than i ever did! I cant wait for september to come around and for me to get back to work and the family that i live with who i know love me for who i am. 


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