Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Taxi drivers....

Okay so I have a theory that I would like to share with you.
Taxi drivers are going to take over the world. 

Think about it some people get scared that the world is going to be over taken by aliens or whatever else, but if All the taxi drivers in the world out their heads together on some big ass Facebook group set to private we could be doomed. They quite possibly could know every road ever! All the shortcuts... Well long cuts. Deserted places..... It could happen you know! 

Also, isn't it annoying that when it hits about midnight and the roads become quite'er taxi drivers are EVERYWHERE! And they act as if they own the bloomin road... Now I know I just blogged about gossip and slander, Im not trying to slag off taxi drivers, I just think there all aliens that may take over the workd. 

I haven't quite decided what they shall do once they take over the world but I'm sure it will be exciting.  Hopefully Jesus will rock up before the taxi drivers realise the power they hold in numbers.

So yes taxi drivers are aliens and they shall take over the world.

God Bless the ramblings of a tired student. 

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