Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Home sweet home...

'There is no place like home' This is the phrase i have been using almost everyday since i have been home. After being signed off work for a month i decided to head home, what a good decision!
Even though i sometimes struggle a little with being home for various reasons i have so far loved every second of beautiful little H-Town. I am most definitely a social butterfly there is no doubt about that! I just love to be around people! I enjoy nothing better than being with people i love and care about! Being in H-Town has definitely helped with this. I have been home 2 weeks and thus far i have not spent a single day on my own or even said the words 'i'm bored' once! i have something to do and someone to see everyday, from chilling in Hartham to going to my favourite little vintage tea house for coffee dates, not to mention the yummy braai's that i get to enjoy with my south african family from
Getting ready for a Braai

What i have enjoyed most about being home is catching up with people, because i am home for a month it is giving me a nice amount of time to catch up with friends and family and just to be around more, living life with the people i love most. I have also been going to Cell which oh my gosh i have missed there is nothing better in life than being able to sit in a room full of people and know that each one of them loves you for you, and that you can tell them anything and know they will love and support you through it. If it was not for my precious Cell i would truly be lost the prayer and love i receive from them is amazing!

My Bird
Precious Zoe


Adventure.... I love a good adventure! I love to just pack my bag and go somewhere, i have managed to go on a few adventures while i have been home which has made my heart happy. Me and jess ventured into London so even though it was not a new adventure it was still exciting because we always do something new! while we were there we got our feet eaten by fish! it was so bizarre but we had so much fun! nothing like making memories!

London, Camden. 
Jessie having her feet nibbled by fish!

'Be Still' this is what God has been telling me for the past 2 and a half weeks. Despite the fact my head and my heart are all over the place i know God just wants me to be still. This is something i find almost impossible to do, I know that as a Christian quiet time with God is super important, i would be lying if i said this is something i am good at because it really is something i need to work on. However despite how hard i have been finding it amongst this storm i know God is still, he does not panic or worry or get stressed out, it is with him my peace will be found. The 2 verses i am holding on to at the moment are 
'You need only to be still the lord with fight for you'
Exodus 14:14
'Be still and know that i am God'
Psalm 46:10

God Bless 

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