Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Rainbow

When the clouds are grey and its been raining, and you can't see the sunshine. That is when you see the most beautiful of rainbows. It has always amazed me that after the darkest of storms appears one of the worlds most beautiful of offerings.

A rainbow can mean a thousands different things to a thousand different people. For me a rainbow reminds me of the promise in the Bible, I'm not sure where i would say i am at with my faith but there are somethings that will for ever and always stay with me. For those of you that don't know a rainbow in the Bible is a sign from God that he would never flood the world again after the whole Noah and the ark situation. Rainbow = God keeps his promises. this has been extended further to God keeps all his promises.

For me a rainbow marks hope. Call me cliche, however there are worse things in the world to hold onto. I wish I could say I always hold onto hope, but I don't. In fact I often feel hopeless. But I will say this, sometimes it takes the smallest of things in life to remind you that there is in fact hope, a kind word, a hug from a friend, a smile from a stranger or a rainbow in the sky. All I have to do is keep my head up and my eyes open,


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