Friday, 14 September 2012

End of the old, Beginning of the new.

So DNA is over... for those of you that don't know, DNA is "your year in with God" its a discipleship year, its intense and challenging but i promise the best year of your life. It's so strange that its over, i miss the people, the team, the support BUT life goes on and God never leaves. DNA has helped my foundations in God become so much stronger and the love i have for Jesus keeps me going! 

The Family, forever in my heart.

So i did actually attempt to blog during DNA but as you can tell it failed. 

what now?

Well now starts the begging of my new adventure with God, the reason i am blogging is so the people that want to know whats going on in my life can follow!

Im sitting in my new bed well.... i'm just keeping it warm for Charlotte while she's at uni ;)
i'm in a new place, slightly odd place really these northern folk are a bit strange. While i'm full of excitement there is a slight ounce of sadness in me. It's not an easy thing to leave everything, your friends, family, church, town, cat.... With what felt like life just getting into the rhythm of things i felt God call me away. the whole 19 years of my life i have never left Hertford for more then 3 weeks at any one time so this was not easy, But i am not worried for i know God is 100% with on this journey and over the past few weeks the words i have had in my head the whole time are Step out, in fact i have had them words written on my foot for the most part. 

Why are you up north you might be asking.

I am up north with the possibility of working in a church (Lymm baptist church) in a youth/community role. I have met with the church pastor and a few of the elders and now i am just waiting for them to have there meeting and let me know there decision. I have been accepted into cliff college on the youth mission and ministry course, as much as i am excited to learn and be stretched, academic work is not my strongest point so i know its going to be tough but i also know i can do it. The family i am living with are incredible, i miss my host family on DNA ridiculous amounts and it broke my heart to leave such a loving and caring home full of God, but i have to say the acceptance and love i am receiving from my new family just blows me away. 

Sacrifice is never easy, thats why its called sacrifice.
God Bless

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